Special For Children

At Şah Inn Paradise, we combine your children's imagination with entertainment.

Şah Inn Paradise, the number one address of the conservative holiday, is also the number one address of the holiday for your children. We ensure that our little guests have fun and have an unforgettable holiday with the activities we have specially designed for you, our guests who dream of having a family holiday, and your children who have the purest of this dream. 

Our little ones will never forget this holiday thanks to the Outdoor Pools, Mini Club, Mini Disco, AQUA TOWER consisting of specially designed playgrounds and our special amusement park for children with its fun vehicles.

Fun, physical development and mental development all in one!

Thanks to our brand new playground designed for your children, they will have fun and never stop their physical and mental development.

With the nursery and sleeping room in our ladies' complex, your children will have the perfect opportunity to rest safely next to you when they get tired in the fun world of Şah Inn Paradise.

AQUA TOWER Special for Children

400 m2 children's pool,

9.5 m high Aqua Tower,

3 different slides and 8 water guns

Children's pools

1 120 m2 35cm deep children's pool

1 100 m2 120cm deep children's activity pool

1 55 m2 120cm deep women's complex mother-child pool

1 40 m2 35cm deep women's complex children's pool with slide